Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   6 days back

    Galaxy Fold or Mate X?

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens  1 minutes back

    Is this phone real ?

    • ItzzRiyadh
      ItzzRiyadh  9 minutes back

      samsung: hey look our phones fold

      flip phones: am i a joke to u

      • Pengejar mimpi
        Pengejar mimpi  12 minutes back

        Huawei made a foldable phone, Samsung made a foldable phone, now we wait.. for Xiaomi to make a move on this territory

        • AmrFawzi Gaming
          AmrFawzi Gaming  17 minutes back

          4:31m, welp..... Jack was watching (explained)

          • Minato Zach
            Minato Zach  18 minutes back

            Lewis : not everybody will be able to splurged this much on a device.

            few seconds later : take out 5 more Galaxy F.

            • 6rban100
              6rban100  21 minutes back

              The screen is already broken

              • DBLegendsMan
                DBLegendsMan  27 minutes back

                Don't take off the screen protector. It's the reason why people are having Broken Folds

                • Niknik Delprado
                  Niknik Delprado  28 minutes back

                  How come your phone doesn't broke?

                  • thegumonurshoe
                    thegumonurshoe  28 minutes back

                    God I would love one of those

                    • Vanessa M.
                      Vanessa M.  29 minutes back

                      Shit still small for a phone and a tablet smh

                      • emz
                        emz  36 minutes back

                        I can't wait for apple to make this to I can buy it

                        • Absichtliche Browokation
                          Absichtliche Browokation  38 minutes back

                          wtf is this waste of money and resources. why the hell you would need this fat chunk of a phone. useless folding crap

                          • Vanessa M.
                            Vanessa M.  38 minutes back

                            Does it have Xray?

                            • Piotr Szewczyk
                              Piotr Szewczyk  38 minutes back

                              kurła za dłogo

                              • Sara
                                Sara  41 minutes back

                                Holy s**t it’s ugly 😬

                                • Keep Itreal
                                  Keep Itreal  46 minutes back

                                  Dude you need to chill,,

                                  • Nikolaj Voorn
                                    Nikolaj Voorn  48 minutes back

                                    Eur 2K? 3K? >< HELL NO! xD

                                    • aliff daniel
                                      aliff daniel  49 minutes back

                                      dh la penipu pekak bodo pulak tu bynk beno bercakap lain kali kurang skit bercakap

                                      • Intelligent Unite
                                        Intelligent Unite  51 minutes back

                                        ”No way phones can get more expensive than iphone xs max,”

                                        Samsung: Fold my beer..

                                        • Rafael Oliveira
                                          Rafael Oliveira  52 minutes back

                                          I used to like his videos, but this past months I just can't anymore, if it is any other manufacture he finds too many issues with the device, and that is cool, we need this... however, with samsung he is not honest, it is depressing the way he talks, and it is bad because it just influences people to buy it. If he talks about one issue, he doesn't go further, just say "I don't care", if it was another brand, he would criticise the notch, how thin the phone is when closed, how the phone doesn't fold properly, the screen mark where it folds, anything, but fuck, samsung pays him to don't say a thing. I know it is his job, he needs to make ends meet, but not fair.

                                          • Edward111
                                            Edward111  53 minutes back

                                            It kinda looks like an apple device

                                            • RealKekec
                                              RealKekec  59 minutes back

                                              Samsung: Galaxy Fold is tested to fold/unfold 200,000 times.

                                              • Xunayed Islam
                                                Xunayed Islam  1 hours back

                                                Stop acting generous If it was apple u would say " All these hypes and apple just released a trash " " This device is such a trash don't buy it " " Apple fold has a major problem " "waste of money" "so impractical " " soooooooooo expensive it s 5x more expensive than oneplus but not 5x better product than one plus " " steve job's apple is no more such a garbage product " this product is a joke "

                                                • jake the vlogger
                                                  jake the vlogger  1 hours back

                                                  iphone who?

                                                  • Harry Bligh
                                                    Harry Bligh  1 hours back

                                                    Surely this is an unfolding rather than an unboxing???

                                                    • SatyamTheGamer
                                                      SatyamTheGamer  1 hours back

                                                      Samsung: Here is the future...

                                                      Glass makers: Ahhhhh...

                                                      • x jecd
                                                        x jecd  1 hours back

                                                        Title should've been unfolding

                                                        • SatyamTheGamer
                                                          SatyamTheGamer  1 hours back

                                                          I am here after so long...

                                                          • Kirstie Roche
                                                            Kirstie Roche  1 hours back

                                                            Pretty cool idea.

                                                            • Lindsay Marshall
                                                              Lindsay Marshall  1 hours back

                                                              I wonder what happens when u play a game

                                                              • Ditto DNA
                                                                Ditto DNA  1 hours back

                                                                Galaxy fold why not just buy a doro?

                                                                • Clint Cadiz
                                                                  Clint Cadiz  1 hours back

                                                                  man i want that dark blue =]

                                                                  • RNSTheStruggleIsReal
                                                                    RNSTheStruggleIsReal  1 hours back

                                                                    No excuse why the front screen size so small

                                                                    • Arda Karadoğan
                                                                      Arda Karadoğan  1 hours back

                                                                      The samsung switch

                                                                      • Pete Zak
                                                                        Pete Zak  1 hours back

                                                                        2000$ what idiot would buy that

                                                                        • フタングクトゥルフ


                                                                          • MrRexX
                                                                            MrRexX  1 hours back

                                                                            All they did is make a larger flip phone

                                                                            • Asi BM
                                                                              Asi BM  1 hours back

                                                                              Galaxy Fold... Galaxy A80... those phone will have some serious issues later.

                                                                              • عرفان ناخدا
                                                                                عرفان ناخدا  1 hours back

                                                                                Can we put it in our pocket

                                                                                • kemal
                                                                                  kemal  2 hours back

                                                                                  ı just watch the video ı cant buy this phone

                                                                                  • SkyNight
                                                                                    SkyNight  2 hours back

                                                                                    A Samsung fan being excited with his new Samsung Galaxy Fold😂.....

                                                                                    • Axox •••
                                                                                      Axox •••  2 hours back

                                                                                      I really thought it would be a good phone but when it’s folded into a normal phone😖😖😖

                                                                                      • Craig Milburn
                                                                                        Craig Milburn  2 hours back

                                                                                        When you get called out for sitting watching videos on the couch with your phone in front of yourself. Yikes!

                                                                                        • Death Bringer
                                                                                          Death Bringer  2 hours back

                                                                                          thanks for giving a review. literally an unforgettable experience. that cost a lot of dime.. oh yeah!

                                                                                          • pranathi aripirala
                                                                                            pranathi aripirala  2 hours back

                                                                                            What is cost of it

                                                                                            • Adrian Wee
                                                                                              Adrian Wee  2 hours back

                                                                                              Id prefer a tablet that size with that screen ratio.

                                                                                              • Arctic XD
                                                                                                Arctic XD  2 hours back

                                                                                                1970-2005 flip phones 2005-2019 cell phones 2019-? FLIP PHONES (again)